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Cleaner With MilliCare

Dirt, dust, and allergens do more damage than what meets the eye. They cause carpet to age before its time. If you think your carpet isn’t holding up, the odds are you’re probably not cleaning it. Carpet that's cared for will last longer. And it’s up to you to keep it clean and to make it last. No matter your budget, your carpet will be cleaner when you use MilliCare.

  • Carpet Care - Dry cleaning with programmed maintenance
  • Upholstery Care - Desk chairs to lobby sofas
  • Panel Cleaning - Take a look at your panels... when's the last time you cleaned them?
  • Air Care - Neutralize and eliminate odors on a molecular level
  • Spot Care - Coffee. Soft drinks. Mud. Grime. Grease. Ink. Gum
  • Fiber Protection - Protected carpet will stay cleaner, longer.
  • Entry Protection - Most dirt walks right into your space. Keep it out.